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Water Supply and Water Quality

The Hudson Valley Area and its communities, from Newburgh to Scotia, access drinking water from many sources.  Covering such a wide area, the Hudson Valley has to rely on a combination of natural and municipal water sources to meet the area’s water needs.

City water near Albany comes primarily from the Alcove and Basic Creek Reservoirs, while most other places in the Hudson Valley draw their water from the Hudson River.  Both of these sources are then treated at municipal treatment centers.

Water Treatment in Hudson Valley and Beyond

With the main source of water throughout the Hudson Valley being surface water sources, it is important to understand the filtration and treatment issues that can come with that.  Surface water, like rivers and reservoirs, absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption as well as annoying around your house.  These contaminants can include minerals and naturally occurring biomaterials.  This can lead to a seasonal dip in water quality when warming temperatures contribute to algal blooms or a heightening sensitivity to microorganism growth.

One of the biggest issues that Hudson River Water faces is contamination and pollution.  For over 30 years, General Electric discharged polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into the river, which sparked a massive environmental movement in the area.  Although the area is currently being protected to citizen activist groups, the area is still recovering from damage suffered in the past.

At Culligan of Hudson Valley, Troy, and Scotia, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality drinking water and whole home filtration solutions, regardless of where you live or where your water comes from.  Learn more about our solutions for filtering Hudson Valley Tap Water and find the resources that you need to address issues with your drinking water today.

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