Bottled Water vs. Point-Of Use: What’s The Difference?

Should you purchase an in home treatment system? Culligan Hudson Valley’s filtered systems are often compared to their bottled water delivery and bottle free cooler services (or “point-of-use systems).

There are more options available for home or office water treatment now more than ever, both from a product and services standpoint. As the most well known full-service bottled water and system vendor in the world, Culligan ensures all of its products are created and distributed in a highly controlled and certified plant operation with on-site filtration technology.

Bottled Water Delivery

Culligan Bottled Water

Culligan serves thousands of clients that prefer bottled water in various types of dispensers. We can rent on a monthly basis and deliver on a fixed schedule — typically every one to two months. The coolers don’t take up much space and can be made cool by plugging them into an electrical socket. Bottled water delivery is an excellent choice for both home or office if 25-40 gallons of drinking water is being consumed on a monthly basis. Many office locations do not have access to a good water supply, and Culligan has been the standard-bearer for bottled water delivery ever since the “Culligan Man” days in the 1950’s.

Sometimes, an office is short on space. That is usually the issue when a client requests a bottle-free solution.

Bottle-Free Water Dispenser

Bottle-free solutions are available only to homes and offices where there is a connectable water supply. But it contains the same reverse osmosis treatment technology as any of Culligan’s home and office drinking water treatment solutions. The actual bottle-free cooler is provided by Culligan under a rental agreement, along with regular maintenance of filters and treatment modules. Typically the most common starting point for a rental and service plan for a bottle-free solution starts at $29.95 per month, but check with your local dealer for prices in your area.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

In some instances, such as in a home kitchen or a lunch room, a Culligan customer will have access to an acceptable water supply, as well as a location to install technology referred to as a reverse osmosis system, which Culligan has branded as its AC-30 Reverse Osmosis System.  This system consists of filters and a reverse osmosis module that delivers gallons of delicious water at the kitchen tap, throughout the whole facility or home, at the cold water tap on the refrigerator, or even at the ice cube maker.  In this case, a “Bottle-Free” dispenser will not be used, but replaced by the dispensing at the kitchen sink, other sinks, or at the refrigerator.

Culligan’s representatives are trained and certified in the various challenges and technologies related to bottled water delivery as well as the Bottle-Free solutions. Additionally, Culligan provides industry leading services to insure a successfully installation plan is followed and post-installation services are configured correctly for each installation.  Culligan’s goal is to provide each client with the appropriate solution or solutions for their drinking water needs.

If you would like to further discuss your drinking water situation and the Culligan options for improved drinking water, contact us today by telephone or complete a contact form on this website.