Why Some Homeowners Choose Culligan Portable Exchange

Culligan Portable Exchange water softening is a totally contained water softening system that works independent from your home’s electricity and water supply. Consisting of a resin filter media tank, your local Culligan Man delivers it directly to your home or rental property and installs the portable exchange system so you can access softer water without the hassle of salt or regeneration. When it’s time for the portable exchange to be regenerated, Your Culligan Man will return to swap out the depleted tank for a freshly recharged unit direct from Culligan.

Advantages of Portable Water Softening Solution Over Traditional Water Softening

Many cities and communities, especially in California and other arid climates, have restrictions on salt water or brine discharge, as well as water usage regulations that specifically address water softeners and usage. In these areas — which also happen to be places where water is poor or very hard in quality, and typically needs softening the most — a portable exchange water softener can bring all the benefits of a standard water softener while adhering to brine restrictions and other water use regulations.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly choice, portable exchange systems provide tremendous flexibility for water softening. For example, if you have a seasonal property in an area where you’d really benefit from softer water, you can schedule portable exchange to be delivered only during the weeks or months your property will be in use. Since portable exchange softeners are completely contained, you won’t use added electricity. Installation is also minimally invasive, so you don’t have to worry about space and plumbing issues that often come with traditional softeners.

Portable Exchange Water Softeners: The Pros & Cons


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Permitted nearly everywhere
  • Less investment than a traditional water softener
  • Space-saving
  • Access to softer, conditioned water everywhere in your home
  • Hassle-free: no salt refills or other maintenance needed


  • Requires scheduling (though this is typically very easy via our online tools!)
  • Can’t always handle high-capacity/volume softening

Culligan Portable Exchange: Leading the Way in Portable Water Softening

Culligan has led the way with portable water softening through our portable exchange service for years. Our local experts know more than your water sources and issues — they can help you understand if your home or property and water needs are the right fit for a portable exchange system. Call today 1-877-386-0823 to get started!